Thank God for the opportunity to participate in the project!It was very pleasant to communicate with students! Over the years they have become family! I would like to keep in touch with parents; regularly receive homework done by children! It is desirable that parents help children upload homework to the site, because sometimes it is difficult (or impossible) to check the work (poor quality photos)!

Tatiana Dlyugova, 7 June 2017

There is no limit to perfection. I believe that your website will be constantly growing and developing. This year your website helped my daughters to pass their tests, even in those subjects which I thought my girls couldn’t cope with. But they passed with excellent marks! Thanks to God! The girls like the teachers – they are good and kind, and at the same time demanding. They also made new friends through the website. Keep up the enthusiasm! God will help you!

Eileen P., 22 March 2017

We like the website so much that our daughter, who is more inclined towards humanities, has started to like mathematics. If only she is able to learn the multiplication tables, we would be extremely grateful, because our efforts were unsuccessful. I like the good attitude of the teachers and their willingness to help outside of lesson times. I do not like the fact the some of the lessons are held in the afternoons or even in the evenings. Request: Please put the lessons in the morning hours.

Irene S., 27 December 2016

The website was very helpful. It saved me efforts of doing the studies. By that reason I am thankful to the teachers. We believe that the training just one pupil would be much more effective than doing it with a group of many pupils. We wish you much success in your doings. The website is actually much needed. We’d really appreciate if classes would have just been related to a single person though. The bigger class the worse an internet connection. And because of some timid persons by character there is no always possibility for every pupil to be active in the class.

Gale V., 28 June 2016

We are so thankful to you for your efforts. Our daughters delighted in visiting class and doing their own homework. A prayer before school, individual attention to each pupil, schoolwork and homework regularity. The only drawback is about poor internet connection. If possible, we’d really appreciate if we received regular feedbacks about the learners.

Anwar G., 10 June 2016

The website helped us in making decision to take a homeschooling. There are good English classes for elementary school as well as Russian language class, biology class, algebra class ,geometry class for the 7th form. It is to be wished that a virtue board in the website would function better. It is good when a teacher draws attention on pupil’s omissions and adds him some extra tasks. There was no good thing in particular when once my daughter being in English class nothing has understood. And then after she just stopped visiting that class. Physics class was unavailable as well by the reason of not functioning the virtual board.

Natalie S., 5 June 2016

Caring much with needs(Because of the occupation with needs ) of our own little children it is difficult to overestimate how far your website helped us. May be we couldn’t cope with the task of training the rest children if not your help. Everything was good since the time of training of Dasha Lukyanova. Before that,the first half of year,we completely couldn’t understand how everything functions and no one could or wanted us to explain it.Currently we are exploring a question in necessity for our children to fit the world education system. Whatever you may say but that education system fills up our children complex and not up-to-date information which is basically will not be demanded in their own life by them and much less in their presenting goodness of Creator and Lord and final evangelism. Indeed they will need to do this in time of trouble when all mature people be forbidden to do it.We question God’s enlightenment for ourselves and you, dear brothers and sisters, in dealing with formation of image and likeness of Lord in our children. In particular we wish our collective to be constant and have fullness of God.Do not be satisfied by just yesterday’s spiritual acquisitions, time is close, Lord is coming.If we continue to participate in your given education system then your project is our hope!But we think to take pause as our daughter became to study when six year old. Later on as God will show this!

Katherine P., 22 May 2016

In general we are satisfied by a website and support system .We learned just English language.It really helped us much.We liked Englsh teachers.They were really qualified.Pripisnova Yuliya and Dasha Lukyanova are really good teachers.There was a wonderful communication between a teacher and a child.We were pleased by everything. Many thanks to a director of studies,a head of school and a software programmer for their work and devotion.

Paul N., 17 May 2016

I want to thank Lord and you for the project being done. The teachers are very good people, math teachers in particular. It is possibly because she did more classes. Tina may had had an excellent mark if there was not cavils at design and need to display every action. She knows Russian grammar rules but when writing she forgets to use it For us those lessons are great blessing

Valery Z., 3 May 2016

Nastya really likes a math teacher who is very kind and explains the subject awesomely(the teacher himself likes her subject))).There is a prayer before a lesson.A biology teacher makes really cognitive presentations.In fact my daughter says that all teachers are really nice people. A Russian language teacher is really hardworking person.She writes very serious texts in order the pupils to put in just some letters .She is really demanding and you won’t be chilled out completely)));is really accountable to examinations))).An English teacher is really nice too, helping with shortcomings; makes concessions on Nastya if she is time-limited and gives her an attention first during the lesson.

Kristin R., 2 May 2016

This year your website was like a lifesaver for us. In our city there are pricey tutors but no results may be. We telephoned ,made agreements, studied, substituted unfair teachers and did understood that this is very heavy burden for us. But your help in education is a gift of Lord for us.

Helga S., 1 May 2016