Help with home schooling

Homeschooling allows a child to receive academic instruction at home, and to be prepared for subsequent assessment by public educational institutions.

Homeschooling gives each family the freedom to choose the most favorable educational program, mode of instruction, and learning environment for their child.

This website will help you to overcome challenges related to the implementation of homeschooling, such as lack of knowledge, experience, time, and financial means.

There is no limit to perfection. I believe that your website will be constantly growing and developing. This year your website helped my daughters to pass their tests, even in those subjects which I thought my girls couldn’t cope with. But they passed with excellent marks! Thanks to God! The girls like the teachers – they are good and kind, and at the same time demanding. They also made new friends through the website. Keep up the enthusiasm! God will help you!

— Eileen P.

We like the website so much that our daughter, who is more inclined towards humanities, has started to like mathematics. If only she is able to learn the multiplication tables, we would be extremely grateful, because our efforts were unsuccessful. I like the good attitude of the teachers and their willingness to help outside of lesson times. I do not like the fact the some of the lessons are held in the afternoons or even in the evenings. Request: Please put the lessons in the morning hours.

— Irene S.
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